Thursday, July 30, 2015

Kitten Spotted

In Lausanne Switzerland, Marcus is unofficial guardian to a tiny, and very scared black and white cat.

After about 3 years of trying to befriend "scared paw" as he is called is now brave enough to come for a quick petting and nomming session. He is normally fed twice per day.

Imagine Marcus and Agata's slight surprise then, whilst visiting Warsaw we found an almost identical black and white cat just outside our balcony.

It was a sort of double take!

He has been around for almost a week now and does not have any collar or identification.  So we thought about all the humorous collars that he could be fitted with

Courtesy of Bored Panda:

As you can see Marcus is still obsessed with cats, even on vacation, which perhaps explains why Cat food has been brought and is still carried at all times, because kitties of this world need feeding. Whenever they feel like it of course.