Sunday, July 12, 2015

High Capacity 2.5" Hard Disk drives

As an ageing [Computer] storage geek I still keep my eyes on the latest hard disk technology.

And so I was fascinated to read about Samsung's portable 4TB hard disk at storagereview

I checked Samsung UK's internal drive homepage and could only find at best their M9T Spinpoint drives which have a maximum 2TB capacity in a 9.5 mm high package.

So given the 19.85 mm height of the 4TB P3 portable drive  I could imagine that they just stuck 2 drives together in a single box.

But apparently not!

Kitguru reports that the external 4TB package is based on a single Samsung Spinpoint  M10T 2.5" hard disk with 5, 800GB platters. (I did notice a rather portly 15mm depth).

Still, Wow!

So Samsung hard drives, of course part of Seagate now, well they are leaping ahead of the competition.

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