Sunday, July 12, 2015

Excitement is building

Peter Singer; The why and how of effective altruism

The Good News
The most excellent news is that Marcus' sister Angela is at last coming to see Agata and Marcus at our home in Lausanne Switzerland.

Now this is significant because until now Angela has been too busy to come.  By this I mean that financially she was able, but there were other higher priorities that for 10 years have prevented her from visiting us.

We of course have made the effort to journey to the UK numerous times but Marcus just can't wait to show her where we live, and how we live, here in Switzerland.

The Thought Experiment
But this got me onto thinking.  And here is your chance for your own thought experiment.

Imagine you are close friends with somebody.  But over time you might drift apart, and say your friend develops an opposite viewpoint to something you hold very dearly

Example: You might support the rights of a woman to choose abortion, they might be 100% against it, even in the case of Rape.    You might be wholly opposed to Racism, but they might believe that some races are inherently superior.    Just some examples.

A deeper divide is also present is also present in how to make the world a better place and let's just say Marcus who would more concur with Peter Singer.

But such differences would never happen to me you might say.  "In such a circumstance this person would no longer be my friend"

- Now consider your parents!  Many parents hold these deeply racist views.  Do you disown them?

- Consider blood relations in general.  Do you owe them a bond of friendship no matter what views they hold?  (Say if they hold strident views not against you, but say to another group of people)

But anyway
Whilst Marcus and Angela in 2015 hold totally different world views and have wildly differing opinions on some important topics: 

Well I can't help but be very excited to have Angela visit us.   We will try to make her visit as interesting as possible, and of course, we won't force her into any sporting activity she is not comfortable with.

In Summary
I am so thrilled that Angela has found the time to come and see us here in Lausanne.   Of course as cautious souls we are waiting for the "I have arrived Geneva"  before we are really sure.