Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Downgrading our Internet Connection

Subtitle: No Seriously!

As of Friday, July 10th 2015 our home Internet speed is officially changed and made what Marcus would describe as /considerably slower/.

Now looking at the above "slow speed" may not garner much or any sympathy from readers here or our friends.  But let's consider this in more detail

- Why have we downgraded?  Well quite simply because we are trying to economise.  With greatly reduced incomes Marcus and Agata are trying to balance our budget, not borrow our way into debt and consequential financial irresponsibility.

- And don't forget that reduced speed Swiss Internet still costs a fortune.  So now we are still paying over 1500 CHF per year, that is over 1600 USD or over 1400 EUR or over 1000 GBP per year.   ( A comparable connection in the UK for example would cost us about 600 GBP i.e. 40% cheaper)

- We were actually constrained in the location of our apartment by considerations including the then Internet Speed.  We have some friends in rural England whose Broadband speed 10 years ago was 0.5 Mbps.  Today it is ... 0.5 Mbps a staggering, 340 times slower than for us.

- Both Marcus and Agata are primarily IT consultants.  So we have a duty to have a good Internet connection.  For why, else it would like being an obese fitness coach, or say a Car salesman who does not own a Car. (Or maybe, a hairdresser intentionally hiding their hair)

- From a technical perspective 200Mbps is about 14 TB (Tera Bytes) per month, so a reminder to users of our rather busy Vintage computer repository (designed principally for Cromemco users).  You will now  be limited to 14TB of downloads from our webserver monthly !!

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