Monday, July 27, 2015

Don't leave home Without

As a seasoned and experienced Digital traveller Marcus is analysing and taking stock of what he has taken with him on his latest mission.

And so I reflect, what do I take with me, and precisely why ....

A 4G wireless router. This takes a Data SIM and lets you connect all your digital devices to it.

Apple Nano music player, Bluetooth headphones and a Data Sync and Charge Cable. Despite being elderly to Marcus, the Nano is Still the Most Effective Dedicated Music Player At Any Price.

Main trail running shoes also used for general purpose. It's an extravagance to use these 'About Town' but their quick lacing / unlacing make them superb for entering houses or holy establishments where shoes need to be removed as a courtesy.

Backup shoes. You'd be surprised how difficult it is to get your favourite running shoes. Take at least 2 pairs of shoes in case your primary ones fail.

Running clothes and accessories. Assuming daily access to a washing machine, just enough clothes for 2 days max. No extras needed, just a schedule to put casual and sport clothes into the washer daily without fail.

A 4TB hard disk and a minimalist disk dock. Useful for that bulk data back, data transfer, always on my happening on my travels these days.

A second USB screen and a stand. This ASUS miracle (yet to be reviewed here) just doubles your laptop screen real estate, and is essential if you are writing longer articles whilst away from the home workstation.

A nano SIM cutter to trim the local Phone sim to the size I need.

 A backup computer running Android. I take a MINIX Neo 7   just in case.

If Agata was coming she would insist on her Apple portabilia.

Of course we'd probably take some cuddly toys. It is sometimes lonely away from home.

The Electric Shaver and toothbrush. And a zapper to numb any insect bites.

Legal and Plain carry on luggage, so that there is no discussion with aircraft staff as to it being oversize resulting in your bag being jettisoned to the hold.

Of course Cat food! Kitties of the world need feeding, not just Marcus' children at home in Lausanne.

Just enough credit and ID cards in a minimalist wallet Muji Necessary for the trip. All excess are removed in case of theft. Take the Priority Pass so you can have a pleasant wait at the airport before a flight or during a delay

Marcus' Android phone in its new case! Your phone with a local SIM is your single most important tool (after money) to help you survive.

Some reading glasses in case the Internet is down

Multiple tools to convert SIMs to different sizes and extract from phones.

USB charger and micro USB cables x many

Specialist running watch, heart rate monitor and chargers for both.

Agata would take some dedicated Apple chargers since you can not charge Apple devices at full current without them due to their proprietary designs with non Apple.

Marcus' trusty Lenovo U430 laptop.

The very lightest Raidlight Backpack which has multiple pockets. An IKEA bag is useful for shopping, at the launderette, for carrying anything awkward. Never leave home on a trip without one.

A full frame camera and spare batteries and fast charger.

A Chromecast is used to stream content from Marcus' laptop to a destination TV or anything with HDMI input socket. For presentations, watching Internet TV or movies from the laptop. You'd be an idiot not to take one.

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