Thursday, July 09, 2015

Another Sleepless night in Lausanne Switzerland

Flume: Sleepless

Subtitle:  Laptop rescue and Windows 10 Insider

A close and wise friend once famously told me: You'll never get rich and famous working with PC's.   Advice that I of course agree with and has been in my mind for decades.

However, Personal Computers are still exciting, so when the chance to refurbish a friends totally ancient laptop was offered, I could of course not help myself.

2 nights later, with only 3 hours sleep per night how are we doing? ....

HP Compaq 6710p

Actually this is the end result.

We started out with 2GB memory, and a 140GB spinning hard disk, and Windows Vista 32 bit.

The Big Clean

In order to remove the keyboard of a Compaq HP 6710b
- 4 slidable tabs at function key row slide
- On the back, unscrew screw inside memory compartment
- 2 other screws with a keyboard symbol on back loosen
- now keyboard is loose and may be removed

- Now vacuum any dust
- Clean fan blades
- Clean base fan area with cotton buds in alcohol (use deodorant or perfume if you don't have alcohol)
- Use a dry, clean new paintbrush to get dust out of corners

Memory Upgrade
Machine can support 4GB of memory, but of course unless you use a 64 bit Microsoft / Linux / other 64bit os you will only use 2GB of installed memory.

One SODIMM slot underneath keyboard and the other in a slot underneath cover on the back

SSD Change and Copy

 New and Old Hitachi drive

Disk is so thin that crucial provides an adhesive plastic spacer in case your disk bay is too deep

You can get slightly cheaper than the MX200 (BX range etc) but the MX200 is only pennies more.  I recommend this product at this July 2015 timeframe.

Logical procedure is to make the disk clone first and when it is made okay then put the new SSD into the special HP disk tray and swap out the old spinning disk

Making the Clone
Crucial supply a key for an Acronis disk copying product.  I have the old crucial solution which was a white Apricorn cable and a some EzGig software

Removing crapola partitions

EzGig copied the recovery partition and reinstall from the source disk.  So these were deleted by booting gParted linux tool and removing.

Windows 10 Install

Initially I test installed win10 preview build 10162 onto a clean SSD just to make sure all was fine in the simple case.  Now I want a dual boot system. So the sequence is simply

- Make sure you have a Microsoft Internet userid, best to make this the logon for laptop not a local userid
- Use the above procedure to clone from existing internal (old) disk to new external SSD
- Remove spinning old disk and physically new SSD
- Check Vista Boot works
- Get Windows 10 64 bit version
- Use Rufus to create bootable USB key
- Make sure HP/ Compaq laptop allows boot from USB
- Boot from USB and follow prompts to install a fresh Win10 installation  (ie. don't upgrade existing Vista) to freespace on SSD

- Boot menu is already created by win10 installation

Fixing the Wireless
The initial install to blank SSD win10 installation worked fine.

But the hybrid Vista/ Win10 as shown above went wrong several times.

After hanging on the above screen the fix was to power off.  Count to 10 and power on.  This is the IT Crowd patented magical cure all

But even then after local logon the Wireless refused to work.  Fix was eventually

- Boot to Vista, switch on Wireless
- Boot to Windows 10 and Wireless still on

No amount of rebooting, driver removal, reinstallation, disabling/ renable worked from the Win10 side.  Strange.

Windows 10 things to do

-  . Make a Microsoft id and have this /online/ userid as the user logon instead of the old fashioned local userid

- Install Office 2016 preview.  Keep searching until you get the 64 bit version

- Install some mandatory apps: VLC player, Irfanview screen capture, Google Chrome canary Browser, Firefox, DropBox, 

- Make sure Windows Defender is on because normal Antivirus e.g AVG or others cannot be installed with Win10

And Now

Cazzette Sleepness (Oliver Nelson remix)

Even Marcus is now tired, and so it is time for a napki.

Rufus USB Creator Windows