Monday, July 06, 2015

A night and a day without the Internet

Hello from Lac Saint Point

Actually, not only sans Internet but Agata and Marcus spent Sunday and Monday without mobile phone reception either.

Sunday evening,  July 5th 2015,  we travelled to Lac Saint Point in France from our home in Switzerland, where we spent the evening camping.

As we trundled into France it dawned on us that our Internet connection had stopped   (we were listening to the BBC iPlayer which just went silent).


Since the Route had been calculated we Google continued voice navigation to our Campsite.  But then we found

- No mobile phone reception

- No Internet.

What were we going to do all evening?

Well the first thing in view of the staggering heat was to head to the lake for a cool down swim and paddle.

Most refreshing.

We then found we did have rather a lot of fresh food with us so we proceeded to make a meal.

We also found a Pizza wagon and made a small order

So here, French Pizzas, cooked for you, fresh, by the lake, on demand: 7 Euros.  Meanwhile in local Swiss restaurants prices start at about 20 CHF.   That is nearly 300% more expensive!

 Relaxing by the lake, post dinner.

We actually found somebody who plays Boule!

Monday morning ... July 6.

Time for a long swim and SUP on a lake with 0 people before 8am.  Fantastic.

In honoured tradition Marcus was wearing only black, and Agata was wearing as little as possible as far as I could tell.

In the already strong morning sun, everything dried almost instantly.

 Ice cold rice pudding for Breakfast. Fantastic.

Zoom in  (click) to see that the traffic lights now have second countdown indicators.  Ah, technology!

Our favourite Sports Shop
No trip to France would be complete without visiting Decathlon, where we can find, and try on, and then buy an infinity of sensibly priced, well Engineered sports clothing.

I was really tempted by the 130 euro freestyle scooter. But I can't justify a second scooter so back to the display rack :-(

And we even escaped with some other shopping too.

 We spent some time sight seeing Pontarlier too

By scooter of course!

We passed our own self inflicted phone-less and Internet-less weekend.  With the great pleasure of each others company, and many sporting activities to keep us busy, we were absolutely not bored at all.