Saturday, July 18, 2015

50000mAh Powerbank Testing

A Powerbank is normally a small self contained Lithium Ion rechargeable battery that you use to power / charge your USB devices when they run out of power

Traditionally Marcus has been dead set against carrying Powerbanks because

- I don't like always carrying around the extra weight
- I keep my technology charged up when I am anywhere near a power socket.   (I'm the sort of guest who arrives at your house, says hello, then with the micro USB cable in hand asks to see a powered USB socket :-) 
- It falls into the category of more stuff for the just in case, but the just in case never seems to happen, at least in a fixed home environment.

But time are changing!

Marcus and Agata plan for a future more nomadic and mobile lifestyle when indeed mains power may not always be readily available.

So we think about joining the me too Powerbank club

50000 maAh Powerbank testing

As sceptical Engineers Marcus and Agata wanted proof that our Powerbank really is able to discharge at high Amperage rates and is able to deliver it's claimed 50000mAh.  So ...

We have invested in

- Several USB Power meters.  I reviewed this one in 2014.  But today we have also bought several improved OLED devices.

This latest one  can display all relevant metrics simultaneously.  And, at under 6 GBP including postage from Hong Kong; it is considerably better value than the 30 GBP I paid in Maplin for the original one.

The next step the purchase of a 1A discharge resistance . An amazing 1GBP including postage from China  (How do they do that?)

Now we are all set then ...

A quick plug in reveals a terrible flaw in our testing plan.  Within about 60 seconds the resistance gets so hot that it is literally burning the wooden table on which we tested.  Luckily we did not make with the traditional 

"setup and come back in 5 minutes Engineering test"

We think we would have started a fire!

So all in all we measured 0.77 Amps 

Here we see it charging our Petzl Nao ultramarathon trail light.

Okay our wonderful ebay product comes with a 1A and 2A charge output port and an input micro USB charge port.

What do we think so far?

We bought the 50000 mAh powerbank from Premium Road

It costs a staggeringly low 22GBP including postage to Switzerland

We were unable to test the total power capacity, but from a full charge, 3 times charged my OnePlus phone, and my other sporting gadgets (GPS watch and heart rate monitor, and trail torch) for a period of over 3 days without issue

The Max amperage I could get was just over 1 Ampere constant.

The weight is 322 grams

There is a 4 LED charge indicator on board

For the money, I have no complaints, as a Powerbank noob, I give it a solid 8 out of 10!