Sunday, June 28, 2015

When Infrastructure Counts

BBC: Pee Buddy helps women in India

To Marcus, Infrastructure in life is one of the key enablers to society, and perhaps the foundation for a decent life in general.  Infrastructure in your personal life is the thing your Government, your Local Government, your Canton, maybe your Apartment block, et al. provides so that you can live your life more easily.

At work, your Employer provides the infrastructure.  It could be

- A decent canteen
- An employee car park
- An employee bicycle rack, and a shower room, somewhere to store your bicycle clothes
- A stocked stationary Cupboard
- Your work PC's files automatically backed up,  and secured locally in case of theft.

There are literally thousands of examples.  Too many to count.

Here in Switzerland Agata and Marcus have grown used to  ...

- I can walk down the street and find a public toilet
- There are sidewalks (i.e. pavements) that are smooth and well maintained to walk or scooter on
- There are clean streets and bicycle lanes
- There are working traffic lights
- Numerous civic Festivals and events in Lausanne. And all meticulously cleared up just hours or sometime within the hour of finishing
- That if you call the Police they will arrive
- There are street lights
- Garbage is not allowed to be littered or left on streets.
- All legitimate garbage (rubbish) is regularly removed
- There is a decheterie for you to take large rubbish items
- There are no power cuts
- There is a 1Gigabit/second Lausanne wide wired Internet Infrastructure
- There is a 100Mbit/second 4G LTE Lausanne wide mobile Internet Infrastructure
- There are Buses and a Metro and a Local and Intercity Railway service.  It runs on time.  The toilets on the train are clean and don't have cockroaches visibly running around in them.
- Lausanne has numerous drinkable water fountains
- The cold water from a tap at home is drinkable
- In winter roads are cleared from snow if it falls, 24x7
- There is city sewage.  It works, all of the time
- Roads have Potholes by exception, not by rule

And So back to India
Marcus and Agata have it on the todo list to perhaps spend several (more) months in India.   But we know what to expect.

Of course we can talk about democracy, the Indian F1 team, the Indian Space programme, the brilliant and talented and now mostly ex-pat Indians working abroad, the numerous Hypercar dealerships like Porsche.

However I know that if I speak to Middle Class IT professionals or even managers, managing hundreds of people.   They live in sometime squalid accommodation.  Or perhaps a modern gated block.  With a driver who personally takes them, and maybe a bus for their staff,  though potholed streets to their private Generator powered IT workplace.

There are Power Cuts, and the Internet may be similarly patchy.

In many streets of some major cities rotting food garbage can stand for weeks

And whilst City infrastructure is patchy, it is at a whole higher level than that of the countryside.

Pee Buddy
The Pee buddy   as reported by the BBC simply gives the Indian woman the equal opportunity to pee over a dirty toilet, or in the street, the latter is something that the Indian man is very capable of.

The General level of Indian Infrastructure is simply bloody unacceptable.

But please, don't take my word for it.  Book a holiday in India yourself, not via an all planned travel company.  Just a flight and an initial hotel.  And by all means send us the results.

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