Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Wednesday Financial Wobbles

Culture Club: Give me Time

Financial brothers and sisters, may I present

The 7.9 billion Euro proposal

Meanwhile ...

Overheard at the Bar

If our nation doesn't pay its debt, then why should we

Grexshit:  The Never Ending Story

And I was led to believe that there was a "deal"???

Je suis Greece

Can we ask the Fed to Bailout Europa

So many Greek tragedies, so few page views

Can we ask US taxpayers for help then?

We're [the US] in worse shape than Europe, we just don't know it yet

We sold in May, now time to Pray

Money for nothing and the risk for free.

Just Print It

Germany Strikes Back

Enter the IMF Dragon

Drachma Fever

Answers to all these questions, and more, in next weeks episode of IMF

Groundhog day, again

Odysseus laughs

Don't forget BTFATH

So, apart from all the major points, its a go

So what is behind proposal #3

Alison: Situation
Stay tuned boys and girls, and wait for incisive reports here as the situation develops.