Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Wait for it

Wait for it compilation

I offered the

Wait for It

advice prior to the announce of the Apple Watch and 

A simple rationale

I try not to speculate on and on about future [usually technological] announcements

I'm not interested in watching speculative technology news reports, YouTube Videos, reading speculative press copy, or even listening to such programming.

What will be, will be

Now this is not to say I believe that this information is visible to some higher divine power.  No, it's in the hands of Corporations who have usually gone through a rigorous design, test, manufacture cycle.   They have a living to make and they can release something when they are good and ready.

Market forces normally limit the delay between launch/ announce to production  since it is not tolerated by consumers.

Traditionally, the pre announce cancer and speculation was normally at the level of the press trying to make a buck. But now it's spreading to citizen journalism and even some annoying manufacturers.

Show me some examples?

Samsung galaxy tease  (tasteful but a tease nonetheless) 

Oneplus 2 smartphone release  [manufacturer tease]

Nexus 5 Smartphone 2015 : I think I'll wait for the official announcement

Alleged blurry shot of Lumia 1020 successor

New Motorola Flagship  (article from February!)

The next Apple Watch could

iPhone 6s could have

Personally, Marcus and Agata have better things to do with our time than wade through endless articles about what might be, or could be, or should be.  

Stop it everybody.

Really not interested