Monday, June 29, 2015

Tiny Bluetooth Earphone

This is a review of the YE-106S tiny tiny tiny Bluetooth Earphone/ ear-bud.

An Historical Perspective

Today in 2015 a small rechargeable Bluetooth ear-bud might appear at best,  interesting and ingenious.   I would point out that if you would to arrive to company with this device going back in time from decades, to centuries to 0AD you might be regarded as


A Secret Agent
A Curiosity
A Devil
A God

What came in the almost impossible to open sealed packaging was the Earbud, and at the time mysterious white cable.  No instructions. Oh, and a clear plastic bit that is supposed to fit over the ear

The worst fitting

I removed the over the ear plastic guide as it did not fit.

Then I continued to struggle to get the earbud into the ear.   The main issue is that the end and plastic wing don't go deep enough into the ear.

After a lot of wiggling  it sort of fits. Barely. 

A few hours later I realised that you can plug the other wire into the micro USB port and then have a stereo signal. Duh!

Well, the reason it took me so long?  Because with the ear-bud awkwardly installed the micro-USB connector cannot be plugged in!  If you plug it first then it's impossible [for me] to get the powered ear-bud in at all.


So my list so far is

- No instructions

- Wired earbud is totally unusable
- These are by a decisive margin, the worst fitting and most uncomfortable earphone I have ever tried
- I tried to jog with it.  It felt loose, so I can't recommend it for running.
- Would not pair with my iPod Nano but would pair with my Android Smartphone

On the Positive Side
- It does actually work
- It cost under 10 GBP including postage.  Yes, quite staggering
- It lasts over an hour in testing
- Sound is okay, i.e. not awful, quite okay for speech
- There is a microphone too!

Win Some Lose Some
Due to the discomfort I was initially tempted to offer them for free on the local Swiss Anibis sales website.

But then I had a running race to attend and I thought for the ride home I could perhaps carry the single ear-bud to keep me company.   Yes it worked.  I ran with the earbud in a plastic bag in a pocket, and post race I extract it and tuned into BBC Radio 4, The Archers on my Android Smartphone. 

So it's not totally useless then, just almost useless!


This was an eBay impulse buy.  It is not a great use of my 8 GBP, but in a week with a cycle crash costing more than 80 times that (!!), who is counting.

I can keep it in the top pocket of my rucksack for emergencies, safe in the knowledge that I always have a spare headphone (singular) to listen with.

Miniature Bluetooth Earphone