Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The Martian

The Martian

The normally busy Marcus and Agata household famed for its cooperative hum has turned decidedly quiet in the last few days.

It is because both Marcus and Agata have discovered

The Martian by Andy Weir

Marcus is quite sure that if his mother could comment on it today she would say:

"Marcus you are glued to that iPod",  much as she used to say that I was "glued to the Television"  as I watched Science Fiction series like Stingray.

The Martian Viral Video

So, our excitement started about 3 days ago when Youtube popped up the above viral video introduction as part of our Youtube channel subscriptions

After some research we uncovered the Andy Weir Book and then the  Audiobook .

So now both Agata and Marcus are indeed both glued to their iPods or other audio reproduction devices listening to the struggle for survival of astronaut and botanist Mark Watney.

The audiobook has some rather charming characteristics

- One person battling against all the odds
- It's frontier living, man against the wild, the Martian wild
- Mark Watney's is a generalist, also a multi skilled, pretty politically incorrect, one hell of a determined human being.
- We like it because it's a scenario where 1 talented person is really making a difference

We are quite literally on the edge of our listening seats.

IMDB indicates the release date is end November 2015

So if you want to experience it right now,  I'd point you in the direction of Audible: The Martian

Happy Listening.