Monday, June 22, 2015

Taylor Swift vs Apple Music

(NB: I searched Taylor Swift's VEVO channel  for just one song that I could like just a little for the above video intro cue.  I failed, and so instead the above video is a totally unrelated but topical watch on my current vlist. Sorry Taylor, but I did spend over 1.5 hours of my time searching.)

As a relatively new convert or certainly subscriber to the On demand, streaming music world via Spotify I was interested to hear about Taylor Swift outrage with Apple Music.

Oh yes,  Taylor Swift is a Grammy award winning singer songwriter.

Apple Music, is a subscription streaming music service, launched at the (incredibly boring) Apple 2015 WWDC  World Wide Developer Conference

As a promo Apple gives new subscribers 3 months free music. 

USA 3 month free plan

UK coming soon plan

CH coming soon plan

Taylor Swift publically criticised Apple's idea to give users 3 months free at the expense of content creators i.e. musicians

And after much bad press against Apple

Apple Changes their mind

So credit goes to Ms Taylor Swift.   And especially since Apple rarely changes its mind even in the face of reason or criticism.   Maybe this is the new Apple?    Maybe that's something Agata and Marcus could like more.

A financial Aside

Just when we are starting to pat Apple on the back and say what fine upstanding Gents they are I did check the financials.

AAPL jumped up and up on news of the Swift Open letter and Apple change.  So Apple made money on the deal  [NB: we are living in perilous times when bad news is ignored in financial markets and good news causes an upsurge.  So the market swing was as expected. This behaviour then is not a condemnation of AAPL more of the positive confirmation bias  the finance markets are addicted to, an Industry reaction that I feel will come to haunt us presently]

In Summary

I do believe that work, and especially creative work should be paid for, and people need not be expected to provide their services for free.  This includes Musical Artists or Computer professionals.

Advertising and Service remuneration models can't pay for everything.

Whilst I've really tried to like Taylor Swift's music, I find it totally impossible.

And so, whilst I rather dislike her music, even though her performances are polished, and her clean cut image is appealing: 

I really appreciate her impassioned stand that Musical Artists should get paid for the work they perform.   Nice work Taylor, now if only you could perhaps get into dubstep ....