Saturday, June 20, 2015

Sunday Sermon: Ramendan 2015

For the next month Marcus will be eating a lot more healthy noodle based food in homage to the sacred month of Ramendan.

Please remind me of the definition

Turning to the Holy Gospel

Ramendan is a month of sacrifice in which Pastafarian followers focus on noodle based food input, to help focus our minds on simplicity, purpose, and how we can be happy with what we have already accomplished, and postulate what we can further accomplish.

It should not be confused with any other Religious festival.

During Ramendan Pastafarians do not fast or pray, as doing so would conflict with our moral standards. Instead, Pastafarians focus their dietary efforts on Pasta, noodles, and especially Ramen noodles whilst remembering back to their days as starving college students

Dates for 2015

I would place the dates as Friday June 19th 2015 until Friday July 17 2015

What are the daily dietary requirements?

Unlike some other and we would suggest negative based faiths, the goal is not to punish or severely restrict the food or liquids intake of the believer.   For why, doing so could lead to diminished health, accident and possible injury, and would therefore be quite illogical and counter-productive.

Instead, the focus is to eat more noodles, usually but not limited to Ramen, which for Marcus would be translated into more Volkorn Pasta since this is the comparable quality product here in Switzerland.

The month of noodle dedication reminds Marcus that

- Noodles and Pasta are healthy food choices

- These are inexpensive food dishes
- They are ideal for people on a budget and reinforce the point that simple food can form part of a healthy diet.
- Very beneficial when combined with a nutritionally balanced hot sauce.  Yum!
- It's particularly suitable for Athletes who favour increased Carbohydrate intakes during the summer months, where sporting competitions are plentiful

Can non Pastafarians participate?

Why of course.

Speak to a fellow Pastafarian,  ask them to show you how. Since Pastafarians are very generous, honest and warm spirited individuals, they may suggest that you come over to share the noodle.

Recommended Scriptural studies

The formal holy text today remains:

The Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster by Bobby Henderson.  It is available from fine book-stores everywhere.

What are the expectations towards Charity

At the end of Ramendan, Pastafarians are encouraged 
to give their extra Ramen to those who are more needy.

What is the Goal of Ramendan?

Ramendan is a month to reconnect with our God, and faith in general.

Sanctions for Disobedience


Unlink competitive deities,  (although Pastafarians would say of course that other flawed deities cannot seriously be regarded as competition), the Pastafarian God is not punitive.

We actually don't know of a single person, believer or unbeliever who has been sanctioned.

Ramendan around the world

Daft Punk: Around the World

Pastafarians are rather modest people.  We do not seek or promote excessive publicity.  One can look at the Statistics but rest assured that Ramendan is celebrated quietly in most countries of this world.


To Conclude

There is one summary rule:  Don't be a dick.

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The Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster

Share Unforgettable moments this Ramendan

If you have any stories to tell of Ramendan this 2015, perhaps a taste or a revelation from his Noodly goodness, then don't hesitate to contact us on Google+ to share.