Saturday, June 06, 2015

Sunday Musings: No miracles just Rationality

No Loch Ness Monster
No Bigfoot
No Extra Terrestrials
No Paranormal
No Occult
No Religious Miracles
No Miracles

Just Global Warming and Storming

Global Smartphone sales are not only increasing year on year but hit 300 million units in Q3 2014.   Hence it is safe to predict that total sales in 2015 will exceed 1 billion.

And what does every Smartphone have, apart from a phone connection.  

Well, a Camera

In fact if you google the number of Photographs uploaded (i.e. a subset of all those taken) per day, you will see the number 1.8 billion appearing often.

Let's conservatively call it 1 billion per day.

So in 1 year with over 350 billion images, uploaded, shared, discussed things are looking decidedly bad for believers in miracles.  Photographs seem to exactly depict a Rational, evidence based view of the world.

Marcus and Agata take and upload at least 100 photographs daily.  Spoiler alert.  What follows is our Saturday, and yet again, no activities were recorded that defied the known laws of Physics.  No paranormal events were captured.

The Lausanne Hotspot

So we report on Saturday June 6th 2015.  It is a continued Lausanne, Switzerland heatwave.  Temperatures are solid at around 30 degrees Centigrade.  So what did we manage in such heat?

The Morning Run
The weekend is no excuse to skip some daily exercise.

We managed a nice and easy decent 11Km run in the forest of Chalet a Gobet.  It's not really that hilly but we chose it specially because although the temperature under the sun was almost 30 degrees, but inside the forest canopy I'd estimate only about 20 degrees!

Our main discovery was the facilities ...

We have run these trails so many times but today we investigated the showers.  There are clean, large and tidy changing rooms with showers that operate from jetons you purchase from a machine.  Brilliant!  What other countries apart from Switzerland provide such excellent Infrastructure?

Scooter Enquiries
Further investigations continue in local shops.  We posted this yesterday.

It was as Marcus suspected.  The fixed (non foldable) scooters have excellent sturdy designs. Solid welded stems and single piece handlebars.   But small wheels and we need foldability which still sort of rules them out for a future purchase.

 Micro's Comfort wheels

 Micro Front suspension

Why is the stem bolted to the deck and support.  Why not a single piece?

More Scootering

We managed about 10Km of scootering on our existing old and tiny wheeled scooters.  But, it was mostly downhill so it was pretty trivial ...

Ouchy was a blistering 30 degrees C

Several annoyances ...

More flesh on display than we had bargained for

And a truly awful live music band made noise.  We had to sit about 200 metres away, any closer was too much of a torture

Ah, Such Quality

Lausanne has many delights for the Vintage or Specialist Car Spotter.  I missed anything that was moving so let's just say an Alvin, several Ferrari's and Lambo's got away.  Meanwhile

Ah Such Beauty

Despite the temperatures, it is just stunningly beautiful around Ouchy ...

First Class views

 A glut of Swans

 Walking to the Olympic Museum

 Fat friendly footballers at the Olympics. Looks fishy to me.

 The Bolt track and the Pole vault record bar

Marcus at the Olympic Museum, under the high jump record bar

Museum of Photography

View down to lake

We saw no Extra Terrestrials.  Instead we managed a morning 11Km  Trail Run, we further investigate scooter mechanicals  (exciting!), we Scooted another 10Km in the blistering heat, and put in our daily 20K footsteps, saw lots of Interesting Bikes and Cars, metroed home 

and just beat the storm.

Coldplay: Paradise

Full Picassa Web album