Thursday, June 11, 2015

Spotify and when saving music becomes a chore

This is a post to discuss the Spotify Internet Music streaming service

I will philosophically say that this post is not for everyone. It's certainly possible that: for reasons of cost  (you have no money),  anti technology   (you hate the Internet),  location  (you have crap Internet),  circumstance  (you live in a country or Geography with shitty overpriced and slow Internet) , nutjob  (your God or religious advisor told you Internet= evil),  that you don't have or choose not to utilise the benefit of

Ultra High Speed Internet.

Ultra High Speed Mobile Internet.

Here in Switzerland, thanks to the Salt  (formerly Orange) provider,we have, at least in Switzerland  (i.e. don't roam into France or Italy or you will be instantly screwed) silly fast LTE/ 4G Internet. And we are now on the unlimited plan

Oh, and I mean really unlimited.  One day I downloaded 30GB of SAP binaries just as a test.  So there!

Also, notice I would emphasise mobile Internet.  Because without the un-metered mobile connection, your Internet streaming solution won't work well whilst you are in your car, or walking about in town, or out training on the bike.

What is and why Spotify?

Spotify is an Internet streaming music service.  There is an advertisement supported free version and a Premium, pay money, no ad version.

Initial Troubles

Marcus and Agata spend most time in Switzerland and least in our native home countries, for example the UK.  But with the UK Spotify free version whilst here in Switzerland we got advertisements in bloody German, and whilst Marcus'  French is mauvais  (and we live in French speaking Switzerland) his German is non existent.

Spotify has no telephone help line but they did respond to an email.  There is also a community forum on which I found many similar complaints but no solutions to my language issues.

I'm on premium to avoid this crap.

Spotify you are spoiling me!

In the Marcus and Agata house, Marcus gets the job ( by nerdy choice!) of cataloguing and filing all things digital including music.

This has worked well for over forty years quite a while now. And so it's a bit of culture shock not to buy, rip, or download and save music.

Just streaming means:

- no individual buying, ripping or downloading

- no backup
- no consequential offsite and cloud backups (offsite takes further time to prepare)
- no associate local, cloud or remote storage costs

It is all a bit mind-blowing and takes some time to adjust to. Potentially though, should we follow it through, it has huge cost and time saving consequences.

So after 1 week how is it?

Flippin marvellous. That is how it is

- Okay, to repeat we have an infinite bandwidth and capacity (from Spotify perspective) fixed and mobile Internet connections

- Spotify works on our household Windows and OSX static computers and on our portable iOS tablet, and on our Android and iOS smartphones.
- The selection of music is truly mind blowing
- Once you find a favourite artist or discover a new one you can just explore their entire music catalog

The Cost

Well it is not an insignificant 10 GBP per month.  In absolute terms it is not much.  But I wish it was say about 8GBP then I'd feel it was really a bargain.  Maybe I am being mean!

Oh yes, there is a free one, with advertisements and other crap is very annoying to me German mostly because I don't speak German.  
With the premium one:

- No adverts

- Offline playlists

What About Apple Music
At the recent June WWDC Developer conference (which was unusually boring BTW) they announced Apple music for 10 USD monthly. 

The pricing is appealing and it does integrate inside iTunes (also good and logical). But I prefer to go with an established provider, also Android support not until the Autumn, plus I don't know if it's a US only or international rollout on June 30.

In Summary Then

Spotify Premium.   It sounds pretty good to me.  Sold.


Apple Music should fear Spotify