Thursday, June 04, 2015


Apple Watch Users

Wear Out and Stand Out

Apple Users, surely you are waiting to make a bold fashion statement.

Reflect on how popular it is to wear caps on backwards these days.

You too can wear your watch outside as shown above. And why?

- It tells everybody YOU have a gorgeous Apple Watch

- People will look and stare, and secretly admire
- You can create the next big wearables fashion statement
- It will actually reduce the time to check the time
- Other Watch Apple users will be drawn to you

[NB: To maintain  full heart rate monitoring functionality some clothes cutting is going to be necessary ]

So how about it my little Apple Fan-Boyz and Fan-Girlz.

This fashion statement awaits you ...

On the Outside

George Michael: Outside



George Michael: Outside Combined -(ingenious!)
George Michael: Outside / Whistle remix