Sunday, June 28, 2015

La Romandie Classic 2015

subtitle: Marcus crashes the Romandie Classic

Last minute booking
We were fleetingly told about this race but forgot about it until 2 days before.   We learnt that for an extra exorbitant fee we could sign up on the day.  And so ... Marcus and Agata trundle off to Aigle in Switzerland.

We actually parked just outside UCI (Union Cycliste Internationale)   Here Agata is to be see brewing up Chai Tea from Twinings.

Just before Romandie Classic

 Time to go!

Marcus Crashes

The first part of this race is an untimed 40Km cycle behind a pace car. That was fine. And then, about 200 metres from the start of the timed 14Km hill ascent,  Marcus fell over.

In retrospect my bicycle front is covered in some translucent gooey liquid.   It's probable that this was on the road and I slid on it, down into the tram line, that I had already spotted and was cycling I thought carefully to avoid. After falling and sliding I was promptly run over by the cyclist behind me.  Ouch.

I did eventually get some antiseptic would dressing.  As you can see I took it like the sensitive youth that friends would say "Yes, that is Marcus"


Remarkably the Velo assistance car was just behind us at crash and a nice man stopped and tried to adjust my rear wheel.

It was however hopeless.  The rail track had warped the wheel and the best we could do was open the rear brakes so they did not rub against what is now a wheel that will shortly be put in the Dura Ace scrap pile.

Yes it was flippin here.

Instead of calling it a day, Marcus convinced Agata that he would instead cycle on the wobbly wheel, and that we'd worry about the steep descent with only one front brake later!

We finish

Report from Leysin finish

 Prizes and All of that

We were not quite last   (well the accident meant we started about 15 minutes late, and I am proud to say that we caught a few people up and overtook them!)

We clapped the last finishers.

 And then a real treat.  We waited for the Tombola prize draw!  Our uber high priced entry tickets qualified us and the prizes ranged from a tour of UCI to a new bicycle.  Pretty good.  We didn't win but Marcus commented that it was at least 30 years ago when he last entered his local village tombola in England.  Took me right back.   How quaint Switzerland really is.

Coming out on top?
After climbing the last 14Km on the timed stage from Aigle to Leysin Marcus was surprised to find that his right side body pains, currently believed to be spine and disc related seems to have abated.

Now it could just be the adrenalin, or maybe the fall has magically reset some part of the spine and Marcus has unwittingly done a self Osteopathic reset.  Time will tell.  To be continued!

Learning Points
I've been selling numerous /sub optimal/ items on the Swiss sales site Anibis recently.  This crash reminds me in a less than perfect world, maybe I should keep these spare parts around, just in case.  After all, I'm selling them for peanuts.

Wearing long cycle clothing turned out trumps again for Marcus.  Cuts and abrasions would have been so much worse in shorts or short sleeved gear.   I'll continue by long wearing.

Accidents aside,  Marcus and Agata had a wonderful time.  We shared the weekend with Carsten and Kathy who are most knowledgeable in all things sporting and fitness so this was an added pleasure.