Monday, June 01, 2015

Goodbye, And thanks for all the Fish

HHG2: So long and thanks for all the Fish

Whilst the title here refers to the light hearted scene from the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy,  the following tones I'm about to detail are not so civilly framed.

After a period of over 10 years Agata has finished working for an employer. Actually Marcus and Agata are quite old skool in this regard.

To speak for Marcus, I've worked for IBM for many decades, mostly as a can do consultant, being thrown out to the customer site, serenely to smile and get on with the job. To be the best public face of my ADOPTED company (IBM) no matter how much /shit/ was going on behind the scenes. To try to be well spoken, polite, to ignore illegal or unsafe customer practises or activities, racial slurs, or anything that a permanent employee would be running straight to HR about.

Similarly Agata is too polite to be outraged in public and has been professional to the end. Outrage then falls to me:

Agata's self funded & Organised Leaving Doo. 
(Because somebody had to do something)

- She was made to work right upto and including her last afternoon of Friday May 29th
- Her manager did not  arrange any sort of presentation or leaving card
- Her manager did not arrange a leaving present
- Thanks instead to friendly co-workers for Presents, goodwishes and cards.
- Management did not arrange any handover, or knowledge transfer sessions, I had to suggest that Agata put the recurring meeting into her diary for the last week, her initiative.
- Nobody was around to sign her final timesheet, still it's not been completed.
- Nobody has sent her an employers attestation, a mandatory document, without which another job is not possible in Switzerland.

When you work in large multi nationals, in substantial projects, you enter a world of incredible complexity. Tens or Hundreds of people, coordinating thousands of activities. Bureaucracy and regulations at every turn. There are many departments telling you what you can not do, to observe this and that regulation.  It seems there is an army of bean counters just waiting for you to fail.

So it takes hootspa to remain calm, collected and professional. Making sure to only cry at home and not in the office. It's just not easy.

All that has been left behind.

Chris Rock: Jobs vs Careers

Perhaps now, we can finally get on with the rest of our lives.