Thursday, June 18, 2015

Friday Financials: Can't Pay Won't Pay

Being in debt is never fun.  Well, if you are a caring person.

However, loaning money to somebody who does not seem to care about repayment is much worse.

10 signs that your loan will never be paid back

0. It's your fault for loaning me too much money.  I can't be held accountable for your irresponsibility.

1. I can't make this repayment, let me combine it with the next one and pay both at that later date

2. I did send you the payment, maybe it was lost

3. I did send you the payment, I think it must be in transit

4. In a previous war/ argument, you were not nice to me

5. I [Greece] have ruled that the debt owed is illegal

6. I don't respond to blackmail

7. I need you to restructure the debt so I can pay you more slowly

8. I need you to take an almost 100% haircut to only accept part repayment of capital, and I'll not pay any interest.

9. I can't pay and won't pay

For me, whilst the providers of a loan may surely not be perfect, the greater responsibility, the duty, is on the debtor to pay back the loan.

Preliminary Report of the Truth Commission's Public Debt