Friday, June 26, 2015

Friday Financial Miracle

Genesis: Jesus He Knows Me

With a debt of over 320 billions Euros, it is now admitted by all sides that Greece cannot pay back this debt.

Regardless, the Greek plan would have more money leant to it.

I would sincerely like to ask the IMF (Intenational Monetary Fund) and ECB (European Central Bank) if they have ever taken a course in basic mathematics, or had say a personal relation whose idea of paying back Peter was to borrow even more money from Paul.

It is said that by definition a Religion has a God (or Gods) who is able to overturn the laws of Physics. Or in this case 1st year Economics and Mathematics for 12 year olds. And so, perhaps those wise people of the Abrahamic faiths could start a few prayers so that all debts can be magically repaid, and we can all live happily every after.

Otherwise I can't see this working out well, with the worst case scenario of further good Euro money being thrown after bad.