Friday, June 12, 2015

Cycle Signoff Part 2

Marcus would say that it is particularly appropriate that he is listening to The Martian, a science fiction novel about a NASA astronaut marooned on Mars.

In the novel, many references are made to NASA and their traits which include exhaustive efforts to plan, test, attention to detail and Engineering excellence.

And so it is in the Marcus and Agata Household.  (If you are reading this NASA, don't hesitate to call, we are available)

In March, I was gutted to find out that a Crack had developed in my Integrated Handlebar and stem . This was discovered at the end of over 1000Km testing of the new and the then thought final setup of the new bicycle.  Hmm.

Now changing the Handlebars is absolutely non trivial. But by mid April 2015 it had been done.   I wrote up the painful rebuild here

Thru May and into June I have been re-testing the bicycle. Yes, well it has now been another 1500+Km or so.

So what is working well?

In fact not just well but brilliantly.  Bear in mind the equipment is getting upto (say) 300Km per week of stressing.

Shimano R170 road shoes   Day in day out shoes.  Solid and reliable.

 Speedplay cleats (and pedals)  Faultless.

Huge OnePlus One phone in an armband used as a cycle computer with Runkeeper

 Daylight running lights courtesy of Cateye and Moon Comet.  Enough to alert the most dozy motorist

Aero water bottle is now leaking!  No replacements can be found.  Might have to go back to traditional bottles instead.

 Garmin Ant+ cadence and distance sensors, fantastic.

New Lezyne pump actually works repeatedly without falling apart

Marcus's fantastic cabling is precisely calculated and even running in parallel with each other.

Through a process of extreme trial and tribulation, rear mech is now in perfect alignment and function.

Mio heart rate and Garmin 920XT watch used for primary course monitoring and tracking, and I've a charging station mounted on top of my IBM PC XT286.

And then failure, a flippin gain

Many of our standard daily cycle routes involve a decent amount of ascent and descent. Normally at least 500 metres per ride.  And so I make good use of the brakes.

And now the securing screw to the TRP brakes has broken for the third time.  

It is totally unacceptable.

- These TRP Magnesium brakes cost a flippin fortune!

- On the newly fitted front  Shimano Dura Ace C24 wheel the braking is also uneven
- I have had it with them!
- I will order a heavier, but stock Shimano Dura Ace BR-9000 front.
- I will refit and then the testing cycle will have to begin all over again.

Give me strength!

To be continued.