Friday, June 26, 2015

Centenary Course Run Lausanne

IOC CIO Centenary Run

Subtitle:  Another healthy day in Lausanne

We were tipped off at the last minute that there was a Centenary Run to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the 

IOC  (International Olympic Committee)

which of course is located in our home town of Lausanne.

We are about to start.  It is 19.45 and the temperature is over 25 degrees C.  Marcus waits until the last moment to put his second layer and mandatory run course T shirt on.  It is going to be hot, hot & hot.

Warm up exercises lasted forever.  Since we were already boiling and had run about 3Km down from home we just stood by looking on.

19.45 ... run starts ...

So Agata and Marcus had a fantastic (though super hot) time.  Thanks are due to Kathy Zimmerman for getting us the last minute tickets.

The points to note are

- The run was let by a motorcycle man doing just under 10 Km/h

- So there was no need to rush, but some people still kept bounding past only to come to a complete halt with the rest of us on parts of the course where there was a restricted route

- In other words, the course weaved thru Lausanne and at some points came literally to a walking pace and even a stop when the route was too narrow.

- There was only 1 water stop at 5Km.  Now I know the run is free and also we got a T shirt, but I was hoping for something more tasty than water!  Call me grumpy

- We finished the 11Km in just over an 70 minutes as planned.

But there is more
Agata and Marcus believe in daily exercise.

So we scootered to Agata's work meeting in Central Lausanne late in the morning.

We then thought for lunch that swimming would be appropriate so we scootered a few more Km 

to the beautiful Pully pool, which is just by the lake.

We swam a few Km.  Pully pool is 50 metres and never full. We had a lane with at most 3 other swimmers. Luxury!

Now, time to go car and bike spotting (by the pool)

We had time to get back home after swimming, where let's say it's a little more countrified.  Then we put in some good work, administration and planning until the above IOC night-time run.

So, to summarise

Another beautiful and busy day in Lausanne, a place we regard as almost paradise.

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