Sunday, June 07, 2015

An audience with Mika

Mika:Good Guys

This is positive report of the delightful time that we had at Caribana music festival in Nyon Switzerland.

The occasion was a performance by a British  (technically Lenanese British) singer songwriter Michael Holbrook Penniman.  Also known as Mika.

Why do we like Mika?

- First and foremost the music  (please watch and listen to the Youtube videos posted here)
- He started young and studied hard
- Today he's only a spiritedly 31
- Complex sexuality
- British roots
- Fluent in far too many languages!

We arrived Nyon Gare and scootered the few kilometres from the centre of town to festival Caribana.   It was a scorching 25 degrees plus, but at least we had some good exercise.

Arrival at Caribana.  Now tickets were sold out for today, but of course we had bought in advance.  We really did not want to miss Mika.

Bloody Kids

First on a technical note, young Swiss kids have sensitive ears, although I never thought about this, what with all the young and very loudly screaming kids I've encountered in England.

At music festivals you can get special kiddy ear protectors as shown above.

And, now, just a small grumble ...

Marcus and Agata are not the tallest, however nobody under about 2.5 metres tall would have clear vision since the trend of the day was to hoist young child on shoulders thus totally obscuring view.

As you can see, like this child with fingers in ears, the Mika performance was not top or even registering on most of the kids agendas.

Marcus had thought we were going into a private seated area and so we did not head out to the stage area until it was too late to get in front of a wall of parents.  With kids.  This made the whole concert mainly an audible only experience.

Back to the Performance

(NB: All these views are smartphone photos using outstreched arms and on tippy toe hence you can actually see something, at the time I could see bugger all)

Mika showed plenty of enthusiasm and movement.  We do approve.

Mika: Big Girl (You are Beautiful)

Sound quality and singing were absolutely top notch.

Indeed this time it was an extremely happy ending ...

Mika: Happy Ending

Learning points: At the next festival, get to the stage early!

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Caribana Festival Nyon 2015