Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Whitsun Monday Switzerland

Monday diary

As I am sure other Religious scholars might inform you

Sunday May 24, 2015 is Christian Pentacost

Monday May 25, the day after Pentacost is by definition Whit Monday or Pentacost Monday

And I believe this is the reason that Monday was a National Holiday in Switzerland.  Meanwhile in Marcus's more traditional home country of England, most people know this Monday as simply a Bank Holiday.

Remind me about Pentacost
Well as the Christinan narratives goes, the 12 Apostles  (11 originals, not Judas who is dead, but with Mattias his replacement) were celebrating the Jewish Shauvot when the Holy Spirit arrived. And at this point we had disciples speaking in Tongues.

To echo the Religious theme and to have a day of relaxation Marcus, Agata and Valya headed to pay our respects to the grave of our recently deceased friend Galina. (reference here)

We met Valya in central Lausanne.  Marcus was distracted by all the motorhomes travelling by.  Here, 2 Sunlights in a row.  What are the chances?

After a bus journey and quite a walk we arrive at the Pully cemetery.  Our journey had been made slightly tricky since Valya arrived with some flowers in a glass vase full of water. We took turns in carrying it up the long hilly path from the lakeside!

Honestly,  Pully cemetery is simply stunning.  Marcus and Agata thought that if we had to be buried somewhere then this would make a nice resting place.

 We all paid our respects at the graveside.

 More pictures of the Graveyard.   Beautiful right?

And now Agata took us on an extended walk towards Pully swimming pool.

 Some days we forget just how stunningly beautiful it is here. But it just takes a single walk in the vineyards to remind us.

Arrival at Pully-plage pool.

About 1Km swim later ... time for a friendly catchup over lunch

 We managed to miss any temptations of cake .. for now!

Marcus suggested some more walking ... towards Lausanne

 The sleepy centre of Pully is a delight.

Just before leaving Valya we walked central Lausanne

 Ferraries and Porsches are just everywhere.

We searched out this new-ish bicycle park and ride scheme. You can cycle to Lausanne station and park your bicycle in secure storage and take the train to work. The pickup your bike after returning home to Lausanne gare in the evening.

Before going home Marcus and Agata has a chocolate buying race.  Marcus lost,  and nearly fainted when he saw something called a queue!  I thought these were illegal in Switzerland.

Back on the metro home.  Clearly time travel exists.  It seems like a Mohican man, in Punk clothing with dog, a common site from 1980's London has been time travelled 30 years into his future to present day Lausanne.  

Retro on the Metro.

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