Monday, May 04, 2015

Tuesday Sermon: Religious Idolatry

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By now if you follow the News you will have heard about not just a questionable but indeed another disgraceful example of terrorism in its broadest form.   And to narrow it down, people behaving as murderous fuckwits in the name of their religion.

The Logic Test
Here are some rules, some precepts, that some ancient Religions and texts; most strongly Islam, but also in some parts Christianity and even Judaism take great exception to and may prohibit under sanction of punishment:

- drawings of any religious prophet, saints or clergy
- images of any religious prophet, saints or clergy
- 3D sculptures of any religious prophet, saints or clergy
- all drawings, i.e. of ANYTHING
- any photograph of any person
- images of any sort relating to sentient beings (aniconism)
- writing down the word god  (oops)

Making Sense of it in 2015
At the time the three major religious texts were written (Bible / Quran / Torah)  consider there were

- No Analog Cameras
- No Digital Cameras
- Use of perspective drawing not commonly understood
- No Smartphones
- No Social media
- No Worldwide communication
- No Film Industry
- No Cartoon Industry
- No Animation Industry

My conclusions

- It is beyond ridiculous and beyond pathetic to place any ban on the drawing of any arbitrary cartoon or picture of a person, animal or god.
- To say that Religious people in 2015 who take a picture, or construct a cartoon image, or construct a 3D image might then begin to worship said construct is an insult. It is an insult to people and humanity, nothing more.
- Any religious ruling that proposes a ban on arbitrary cartoons or pictures of a person, animal or god makes an idiot of the person that make this ruling, and by inference the religion that person purports to represent.
- The UK law that I described here this Sunday  namely the Obscene Publications act et al, proscribes limits on way may legally be displayed in public.  This should be your guide.

To Know More
I have presented these ideas as a thought experiment and I encourage anybody reading this to look at all sides of the situation using Google.  And come to your own conclusions. They could be the complete opposite of mine.   I have some reading recommendations

- Read the articles pointed to by the links below

- Listen to BBC Beyond Belief regarding Fundamentalism (Jan 12 2015)

To Close
Not all religions have this small minded approach. Some religions would encourage the depiction of the ultimate deity.

There is one that is strong 
There is one that encourages the image of the deity

As Engineers, the choice is clear.


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