Saturday, May 16, 2015

Sunday Sermon: What Atheists wish Christians knew about them

Sunday Sermon:  What Atheists wish Christians knew about them

This video highlights these points:

01.  We have morals too

02.  You don't know us better than we know ourselves

03.  We deep down don't believe in your particular god

04.  We don't hate your particular god

05.  We don't all disbelieve because something bad happened to us

06.  Believing isn't a choice

07.  Most of us used to be Christians too.

08.  Quoting the Bible doesn't work like a Jedi mind trick

09.  We don't worship the devil

10.  Hell doesn't scare us. To us the concept does not make sense

11.  Not all of us are anti-theists.   

These days the world is so large and complex that you sometimes miss something charming and well spoken.

Yes, I had not heard of Neil Carter until I came across the above  Openly Secular Video.  

[ NB:The Openly Secular YouTube channel is a set of 2 minute segments from Secular people explaining their religious stance and usually their thoughtful journey out of religion ] 

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