Sunday, May 10, 2015

Sony Alpha 7 Charging

Maybe other Sony Alpha 7, full frame camera owners are as indignant as I:

You forgot to include a Battery Charger!

Yes, imagine spending over 1000 GBP  (1500 USD) on a camera only to find that Sony gave me the /opportunity/ to go and select the battery charger I might prefer.

They supply a USB cable + thumb sized powerbrick so you can (only) charge the battery in situ within the camera as standard.

Note: The following solution relates to Sony Alpha 7  (not the 7R or 7 Mk II)

Replacement Battery

The camera was supplied with a single NP-FW50 battery.

Unusually I found I could order some replacement batteries from the UK.  I ordered 2 (for 15 GBP!!)

Mains Charger

After more eBay searching I order a 2 bay charger.  From terence_camera in China.   Under 12GBP including postage.  Simply incredible value.

Now I have a really workable solution. Note the size of the solution compared to my iPod nano.  Tiny! Tiny! Tiny!

- I can quickly charge 2 fresh batteries simultaneously

- I leave home with the current camera and battery and when it dies I have 2 more to go.

- You can easily shoot at least 300 shots from the 3 batteries and that's way above our normal daily holiday rate of 150 max.

So all is well and now we are investigating a portable DC voltage only solution for the future.

eBay Sony Alpha 7 batteries