Friday, May 08, 2015


BBC Radio 4 Extra: Party 1.1

For those of you not in the UK or from the UK this is an update to say that they have just re-elected the Conservative Government.

Consult this BBC web page for the Infographic of Results

The voting was carried out on Thursday May 7th with counting happening after the Polling stations closed that evening and results coming in thick and fast from the early hours of Friday May 8th.

Marcus was up listening to the live coverage on BBC Radio 4, of course!  In Switzerland here we are an hour ahead and so I stayed up until about 02.30  (i.e. 01.30 UK time).

What happened?

Well a comprehensive "Exit Poll" of actual votes was performed suggesting that the Conservatives would have a surprisingly larger vote than pre polling predictions had anticipated.

Nobody believed it, and politicians, BBC correspondents, and any and all media were constantly discussing the "Exit Poll" ad nauseam whilst at the same time keeping their options open.

After some naps and re awakenings throughout the remainder of the night it became clear that the Conservatives had not only won

- Conservatives  (Centre Right) won convincingly - a surprise.


- Far right UKIP leader did not get elected!

- Labour (Socialist) lost big

- Liberals lost big

UKIP, Labour and Liberal leaders resigned out of embarrassment.

For the best BBC coverage on the 2015 Election I would of course encourage you to listen to all episodes of the 

BBC Vote Now Show


Last Minute Update
I was quite literally in tears (of laughter) as I just listened to the post Election issue of Dead Ringers

Deadringers on BBC Radio 4

How is it possible that the comedians of this show are not world famous for their comic mimicry.  Their satire is just first class, nay World Class.

Russel Brand and Milibrand in a Kitchen