Friday, May 15, 2015

OnePlus One Cases

Some people seem to be under a delusion that but for other people in the world their phone would be safe from damage and accidental destruction.

Marcus is not such an idealist.   My OnePlus One phone whilst not super expensive would be annoying to replace and really is 

Indeed all electronics in the Marcus and Agata household gets a very tough time.   Their reward  in Silicon Heaven will be truly deserved.

First protection is via a hard shell case that clips onto the back of the phone

- I don't have a screen Protector installed, but the latest eBay sale does include one I notice
- The hardshell case is just proud of the front glass display, so that a fall onto the ground has a good chance of not touching the screen
- The case is thin and quite rough meaning the OnePlus won't slip out of your hands

Although this adds to the thickness significantly this is more because the native thickness of the phone is so skinny! 

Bicycle Protection

Rather than use a dedicated Cycling computer  (I hear the Garmin Edge 1000 is excellent)  I instead use the OnePlus Smartphone with a combination of applications, usually at least Runkeeper.

 First note that  Token Triathlon bars are installed as shown.

The bars are so angled that the Armband cannot fall off the Triathlon bars during a steep descent or braking

A single Velcro square holds it tight.   I've tested it and even if this falls off i.e. the armband is then loose the strap passing through the guide is so tight that it's impossible for the armband to fall off the triathlon bars.

The back of the case is Neoprene

The fit of the phone  (and hardshell case) is snug and obviously you can operate the display using your fingers  (not with gloves) without taking the phone out.

In Android  (not iOS which does it better) you can't say keep the screen on indefinitely. And annoyingly Runkeeper still does not have this setting.

So Screen Timeout  is installed and needs to be started before any ride

Here is the final bicycle installation with Runkeeper loaded.

To Summarise

- I have a Hardshell case that protects the Oneplus One again accidental falls

- I use a sports armband mounted onto a Triathlon bar so that the phone can be used as a Cycle computer / Navigation device whilst cycling.

It all works very well.

OnePlus HardShell Case
Token Triathlon Bars
eBay OnePlus Armband