Thursday, May 28, 2015

Oh Eurovision 2015

Mans Zelmerlow: Heroes

From a childhood family event to a modern day tragedy.   This is how I feel about Eurovision.

Last last Saturday night Marcus and Agata were making some last minute adjustments to our bicycles before the cycle Race Tour du Leman

But today,  Thursday, thanks to the wonderful Internet I'm able to full catch up the full compliment of average and some truly awful songs.


+ Lots of singing in English
+ Lots of glitz - appropriate for this event
+ International competition in better rather than worse taste
+ Some spectacular promo country song videos
+ Sensual songs, but in a good way
+ This year just for a laugh Australia, that well known European country sneaked in too.
+ Greece submitted an aptly titled and suitably sombre: One Last Breath

- Some really awful songs
- I'd highlight the UK entry as upbeat but awful.  Bad retro redefined.

United Kingdom Entry

As expatriates from the UK we still feel we have to support the UK entry.

So what did we (the UK) enter?

Electro Velvet: Still in Love with You
(A song which is retro and not in a good way, and with lyrics that had me saying no by the end of the first verse.)

Just about anything else would have been better.  Here is one not random, yet UK based sensual and delightful selection from Marcus

Years and Years: King

Dear UK Eurovision team, please contact me next year to avoid submitting 2016 dross.


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