Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Marcus and Agata go Wine Tasting

Marcus knows the following things for sure about wine

  1. In an ideal world Marcus would drink no wine, however the right wine tastes very good.
  2. Agata knows a lot about wine and what wines Marcus likes, so he normally follows her advice and direction
  3. We live in Lausanne part of Vaud canton and a wine producing region of Switzerland.  But Swiss wine like most other Swiss items costs a fortune

Late last night we smoozed down to central Lausanne for a night of wine tasting ....

We were taught some wine appreciation basics

To analyse the wine first by its colour against a white background in good light.

To analyse the aroma of the wine after swirling it in a glass and seeing what component smells we can detect.


Finally tasting the wine in question and checking for factors including acidity, simple/complex,  structured/volume

Marcus commented that this process left an extraordinary large time between pouring the wine and actually drinking it.  Just saying!

During the evening we tried 3 whites and then 3 reds shown above from right to left

Between white and red we had a few snacks


It was a fun evening but for Marcus it confirmed his suspicions:

Marcus eats simple foods and his palette is not sophisticated enough to detect subtleties of wines

I will continue to follow Agata's overriding advice: Drink this wine husband, you are going to like it. 

In the longer term though Marcus thinks that all wine consumption should be terminated and sacrificed to the temple of running and cycling faster.