Friday, May 01, 2015

Magnese Traveller DC Smart Car Charger

This is a review of the Magnese car charger for Lenovo Laptops. However first ...

No new Laptop today
Marcus and Agata have planned a more mobile lifestyle for the future.  Since we rely on the Internet for many aspects of travel planning and communication you might think it could be time for a new Laptop.

But Marcus would argue that Spring 2015 is just a terrible time to think about this trend. Why?

- On the Apple front the new Macbook is interesting but with only 1 USB3.1 port and a low res webcam you just know that successor products even in the form of new Macbook Pro's are just around the corner

- The Industry has been Engineering in the ultra low power Intel Core M processor parts into new designs. But they are low power and low performance so one should wait for 14nm Intel Skylake parts by end of 2015 

- USB 3.1 is only available today on Apple Macbook and Google Pixel 2. By year end on all new designs. Wait for it!

- 4K Laptop screens are rare right now, but by the end of 2015 supply will ease

So until then I'll stick with our superhero, most upgradable Lenovo U430 touch laptop.  Check the upgradability here and here(M.2 disk)  and here(802.11ac)

Just a Power Adapter then!

 This is the working package for our Lenovo U430 touch laptop

Next to an iPod nano you can see how petite the DC to DC converter is.

Notice there is a USB charging port too

This is the 12V supply end that goes into the Cigarette Lighter socket.

Charged +2% in minutes for example

Our unit also came with Panasonic and Lenovo Thinkpad power leads.

- This is a 90W charger
- It converts the 12V DC from the cigarette lighter to the 20V DC needed by the laptop input
- It's tiny
- The unit also has a USB charge socket
- It comes with additional charge leads.

Really recommended.  The U430 Roadwarrior is nearly ready!

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