Thursday, May 07, 2015

Lezyne HP Drive ABS Pump

Technotronic vs Eurythmics: Pump up the Dreams

You only really know how good that emergency bicycle pimp is when you need to use it action.

This picture shows my now obsolete but smaller 55gram Topeak Micro Rocket CB Pump and its replacement the larger Lezyne HP Drive ABS Pump.

I've been carrying around the ridiculously light Topeak Pump around for months now and last week had the occasion to help out a stranded cyclist with a flat tubular tyre.  He pumped and managed to limp home.

Then the other day I too had a slow puncture that needed attending to.  So I tried the Topeak for myself.  What a disaster.   With its small size I found that the quantity and pressure of the air entering my tyre/tube was so small it actually lost pressure!  So after limping home myself I have bought a

Lezyne HP Drive ABS Pump.   [medium]

This is how it looks on my main & regular bicycle which I use most frequently including all training and solo rides.

Inside the pump is a retractable revsible cable with both a Presta end and a Schrader end

The body of the plunger is decently wide and so it does not wobble like the Topeak whilst pumping.  Also this medium model  (i.e. not the small Lezyne model variant) pumps a lot more air

Now the big downside is that it's almost 40 grams heavier than the Topeak.  But for me it's worth it because:

- For a full puncture this will be able to pump the tube up quickly
- I can get a tube/ tubular  to 100 psi without issue
- It's bigger than the Topeak but you don't really notice the size difference when it's in the supplied strap/bracket thingy.

And yes, I tried a full tyre inflation on the roadside as a test. It was easy.

I think when I cycle as a duo with Agata she carries a Lezyne holder and Co2 canister and I carry the pump. So the first puncture gets to use the canister, with the manual HP Drive pump as a backup.   It is always good to have a manual pump.

It pays to really test out that ultra lightweight pump strategy, on the road for real and see if it really meets your needs.  Do this before your actually need it!


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