Saturday, May 30, 2015

la fete des voisins

Every year in our Apartment block in Lausanne Switzerland in May the residents hold a party called

la fete des voisins   (May 29th 2015)

If it is good weather then tables are installed in the garden and without music (intentionally) some food and drinks are put out and all people in our Apartment are encouraged to attend.

In times of bad weather the same setup is held in our underground car park.

This year we fully attended and many of the residents made special efforts to talk to us in English (instead of their native French) due to in particular to Marcus' limited language abilities.

We had a wonderful time and some meaningful talks with our neighbours.  I even discussed important topics like the cats that I feel empowered to feed every day.

There was plenty of wine and nibbles and some of the residents had made some brownies and some custard pastries.

But it gets better

I had always assumed that this was just /a nice thing to do/. But it turns out that the initiative is actually led from the local council or so called canton.

- In advance of May 29, you register
- The canton (i.e. local government council) turns up with juice, salad, carrots, wine, pastries, cheese.

Oh yes and balloons and paper place-mats.

It is just frikking incredible!

In summary then, Lausanne continues to be an amazing place to live.   The local Lausanne commune actually mandates, well encourages us,  to a have a yearly party and this helps you meet and bond with your neighbours.

Just fantastic!

Lausanne fete des voisins