Saturday, May 30, 2015

Journee Lausannoise du Velo 2015

Pre race waffle, Saturday morning

This is a report on our attempt at the 150Km cycle race/ tour known as

Journee Lausannoise du Velo

The route has changed a little from last year of 2014

Well first we had to get up at 06.00 in order to get to the race start by 07.30.  Actually ..

By the time we had picked up our race numbers, made some final checks to the bicycles it was about 8am.  We are 30 minutes late already!

NB: not sure why Agata did not get a low fancy number like Marcus.

 Agata Bicycle

 Marcus bicycle

 So many people but it was a nicely organised chaos

Let's GO

Stop 1: 40Km

 No toilet facilities provided, but when you have to go well anywhere will do

 Marcus on the line!

 Just one more square!

 Many team entries like velosprint here

 Now that is more like it.  Take me to the Gruyere cheese and the Swiss chocolate

 We are nicely topped up with liquids and food.  Time to head off.

OH: Race strategy.  Well to us this is not really a race.  We are happy to pootle along in our own good time.

Additionally Marcus would like to bring forward his usual excuses

- lots of wind

- much time expended eating Gruyere cheese.  Just one more slice I keep feeling
- the hangover from Fridays   fete des voisins  is quite literally in my mind right now.

We continue ...

Stop 2:  Mount Vully

The Mount Vully stop is at KM 80 and is at the end of a several kilometre climb.

 A good range of Chocolate remains.  We must therefore be one of the first to arrive!

Stop3: 110Km
We missed it!   I shot past and when Agata caught me and explained that we missed a refreshment stop we agreed to continue anyway

From Km 80 to 110Km where were strong winds.  At this point Marcus was on windbreak duty and we cycled just as a pair not in any group.

Stop4: 140Km

A final stop 10Km before race end.  Well we were not in any hurry so of course we stopped and refilled our water bottles which were empty

Another wonderful day.

Good weather helped us.   We cycled together in a pair at our own slow pace, which was fine since we were not in any rush today.

Along the way we had the pleasure to travel in the beautiful Swiss country (canton) of Vaud which has been our home for many years now.

It was a familiar pleasure.

The modest entry price and good facilities provided added to the practical pleasure of the event.  Thanks to Canton Lausanne and the various Sponsors for making it possible. 


151.98Km cycled
06.20.24 Cycle time (not including stops)
24.0 Km/h average speed
1921 metres elevation gain on course

Marcus Drank 600ml Grapefruit juice + 100ml fizzy water

Marcus ate so much Gruyere cheese and Swiss chocolate that he actually lost count.  He also ate 2 SIS energy gels
Agata ate 2 SIS energy gels, Powerbar Shots
Agata drank 1000ml water


Marcus still has a spinal injury that prevents him running however it's not affecting cycling at all!
After race, neither Marcus or Agata were still or in any cycle related pain, good!
Despite Marcus covering up to combat his sun allergy a full day in the sunshine had me rushing for the after-sun to combat his stinging face at days end. Oh so fragile!


Journee Lausannoise du Velo
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