Sunday, May 24, 2015

CycloTour du Leman 2015

Marcus Agata b4 start 2015 Leman

So it is no surprise that we just report back from our attempt at the 2015 Cyclour du Leman.

Kit Preparation .. Crunch

This was Marcus's bike working perfectly on Saturday morning.  However whilst prepping it for the race on Saturday night  (e.g. attaching race numbers, sticking energy bars to frame) I also tried to /finesse/ the brakes.

There was a sort of snapping sound as the brake bolt sheered off. Thanks only to Agata's patience we had to then spend at least an hour a) getting the busted thread from the brake calliper b) rummaging around for another screw c) hacksawing it to fit  d) remounting and adjusting e) not busting this new bolt either.

So we did not get to bed until late.  For Marcus it was about 3am.  Typical.

Graduated Starts
This year they asked people to start so that slower riders start later and so won't impeded faster ones.  I can only say we started at 06.42, within the correct band for our 6 hour projected time

We Started!

We started in good spirits.  Agata had decided to stash her warm leggings whilst Marcus kept his /throwaway Shirt/ (sorry Victoria Marathon) on thinking he would toss it at the first traffic light stop. In fact it would be 100Km before we stopped. 

We Stopped

We normally miss the first rest stop.  But this time we only stopped just the once. At 100Km.  Amazing!

Of course we bumped into Medalit, our friend who lives in Lausanne just 1Km away.   What are the chances!  (She was not even on the full race so had started from Evian at a totally different time).  

Marcus fumbled refiling his 600 ml water bottle.  I had only drunk about 150ml in 100Km and whilst trying to close it up it slipped, fluids going everywhere, meaning I continued with it not much fuller than when I arrived at the stop.  Meaning for the entire race I drunk <700ml.   I was lucky to get away with it.  I think I evaded dehydration only because I was not perspiring much at the moderate pace we had selected.

Pace and Preparation and Drafting
Our goal was for about 6 hours and so we knew we would have to average 30Km/h including stop.  Hmm.

We managed to join a group for the first 40Km or so but after that it was a little patchy. 

For the uninitiated, if you are inside a group you are drafting and it is relatively easy to cycle (say at least 25% energy saving) with the downside you can crash into those around you and sustain a terrible injury.

From Geneva back to Nyon, and even to Morges Marcus was heading a train of riders.  So I think I did my share of wind breaking thank you!   I did not mind since fitness level is pretty much at an all time high so the total effort was manageable.

In fact since I've had a running injury/block for 2 months I've compensated by Cycling almost daily upto 60Km, meaning I am well prepared. Contrast this with Agata whose stressful job (she is working this Sunday night after the race as I write this) means that she's had zero time to prepare.

What I'm saying is IMHO Agata's performance was absolutely flippin amazing.  If she has more time to train this summer she is going to be unbeatable.

We Finished

The last 50Km are a little hilly and the route from Geneva to Lausanne is always against the wind.  This year the wind was super strong.  Marcus notes that his triathlon bars helped dramatically.   Head down it was possible to achieve 30 Km/h whatever the wind, with Agata hopefully tucked in behind the large Marcus round blob.

Pasta and Watching

Julia found us a table in the shade  (thanks!) and we joined the Pasta party and watched others arriving.  The sun was shining, we were elated.  We finished without drama or any issue.

Meeting Friends and Making new ones

Normally we high tail it home but today we took it easy for a change.  Met some new people, checked out the drones, and inevitably bumped into other people that we knew.  The Lausanne cycling community, deliciously compact.


It is our tradition to take some Facebook cover shots for the coming year whilst on Cyclotour.

I think Agata's one is good.

Marcus's may need a little work

Best Bits and Thanks!

The best part was the superb company of the darling wife Agata who managed the ride with ease with nil training.

The weather was great.

We met friends along the way, and at the end.

Organisation was great.

A top day.


Moving Time 05.33.31
Total elapsed time 05.39.31
Marcus ate 2 SIS Gels and 2 Powerbars
Marcus drank (only!) 650ml squeezed Grapefruit juice.  Oops. (+500ml water after finish at Lunch)
Agata sensibly drank 1500ml water with USN Cytopower.
Agata ate 2 SIS Gels and PowerGel shots

Cyclotour 2015
Datasport (Team kitten)