Sunday, May 03, 2015

CyanogenMod Privacy Guard

One of the many privacy issues that many of us have with Smartphones is that when we install an application it seems to require a ridiculously long list of permissions.

If you don't accept it there is an easy answer:

Don't install the App !

But whilst I'm not the greatest fan of applications like Facebook  (bah humbug) if I objected to all the permissions that apps required I would probably not be able to install anything!

Let's look at the Facebook example and see how we can use CyanogenMod to help refuse apps permissions that we don't agree with ...

Note on iOS
Apple iOS has the ability to stop one application from accessing information of another.  It's not too comprehensive but at least it is there.

Back to Facebook

Let's look at the incredibly long list of things that Facebook for Android wants to be able to do.  We are starting at page 2, page 1 is above!






Yes, it is quite staggeringly long right!

CyanogenMod Privacy Guard

For every installed app there is a place where you can allow or deny an app information regardless of what you accepted when you installed the application from the Google Play Store

I'm using Android 5.1.1 with CyanogenMod version of Android.  It's running on the OnePlus whose codename is bacon.



Privacy Guide lists applications

I changed some items.  Read and Modify my calendar ... I don't think so.    Read and Modify Contact ... I don't think so

Page2 of privacy Guard

So, to summarise: Cyanogen Privacy Guard will forcibly prevent your install application from accessing things that you decide should remain private.