Friday, May 22, 2015

Bodum Electric Fruit Juicer Review

In search of the perfect fruit juicer we took a gamble and bought the Bodum juicer which was on special offer at the website.

Unfortunately the product has not met Agata and Marcus's high Engineering expectations or tests.

 The unit is quite large and made on the outside from plastic.  Because it is very light and the parts loose fitting it gives the impression of a cheapo product.

But it does work as a juicer ...  well sort of

In a nutshell:

+ It works as a juicer
+ After juicing you can put the transparent top on, press down and it spins faster to extract the last drops of juice   (and also transferring any pulp to the sides of the silver strainer)
- The red plastic squeezer against which you press the cut fruit is an odd shape and works well for smaller fruit only.  For larger fruit like grapefruit your hands become uncomfortably close to the metal strainer [your hand is stationary and the silver strainer is rotating quickly
- The silver strainer has a sharp edge.  It's so sharp that whilst removing pulp I actually cut my finger.  So it is dangerous in fact  (I could therefore also slice finger whist juicing too, it is the top inner edge)
- The dark grey plastic into which the juice drains has curves in both directions. So which ever way you place in the dishwasher you find it /full of dishwasher water/ after a cycle
- The red juice stop that stops juice dripping out is really plasticy and looks and feels cheap.

The Bodum Juicer works to squeeze juice, yes it does

But not particularly well.

It's lightweight construction feels cheap.

The parts can't all be easily washed in a dishwasher and feel cheap too.

The silvery strainer has a sharp edge that can cut your hands.

Not recommended!

(Instead we would instead recommend and will go back to our older Philips HR 2752 juicer  )

Bodum Manual
Philips HR 2752 juicer