Thursday, April 30, 2015

Because the Few ALWAYS ruin it for the Many

This week Marcus and Agata have been on the receiving end of Fraud against us.  It has taken some hours of effort and analysis which will be reported on later but things may come to a neutral conclusion.   Nothing positive to report yet!

This got me thinking as to how certain aspects of our lives are foverer changed .....

Aircraft Terrorism
The untold misery that the actions of a few twats have caused the many is quite intolerable.   I'm primarily talking about the liquid restrictions.

The stemmed from a terrorist plot by British born muslims in 2006 where eventually 11 members were arrested and prosecuted.

The plot was to murder people on a number of planes using Peroixide based liquid explosives.

Full details here

Because of their actions for almost 10 years now

- Liquids may not be brought on board
- Liquid based foods such as yoghurt also banned
- Restrictions on other liquids such as perfumes
- Bagging of items mandatory

Since 2006 then the lives of EVERY passenger flying has been made considerably worse.

Laws have been changed

A whole new infrastructure for scanning, detection, threat response has had to have been developed.

The actions of these British wankers have forever blighted the already tough restrictions implemented as a result of prior terrorist actions.

I hate those bloody terrorists and remember the evil actions that they tried to perpetrate in pursuit of their religion every time I pass an Airport scanner.


Most pop or media concerts these days forbid alcohol and sometimes all drink.  Why?  It's a safety issue because small groups bring in alcoholic bottles and these can be used as weapons by drunks.

So now most times you are forced to buy from the overpriced and bad selection at concessions; drinks that might be less healthy than you would like, or sometimes of questionable hygiene.  All because of the few tossers who have ruined it for everybody.

Rubbish Bins
Terrorists have also sought to kill people at random by placing explosive devices into rubbish bins in City areas e.g.
1978 Sydney Hilton
2008 Istanbul bombing
2013 Boston Marathon

The response, certainly in the UK is the removal of all bins at Railway stations and in many other public areas

Since 2014 at home in Lausanne we need to put all domestic rubbish into special white plastic rubbish bags.  These cost money.   See this article.  So now wankers have started putting household waste into public bins.  So much so that the canton has had to weld the above plates on top of bins and use a locking mechanism.   All because of the selfish actions of a few people.

Email Deletion
I once worked at a large multinational company who suddenly announced that it was to be corporate policy not to store any emails!  I mean they told us, read any email, then delete it.  It was just unbelievable.

It turned out that a disgruntled employee felt they had been victimised and left the company.  But they thought that in their Corporate email records  (which they had not taken with them) stored on the server, and backed up as a matter of course  [this is actually Swiss Law] they could prove victimisation.  I was actually called by one of the HR CIO's to help with this process.

Again the stupidity of one employee tried to cause a radical and ridiculous change in corporate email policy. Something that if people had obeyed the ruling would have caused total chaos.

Public Toilets
In many large cities the local government has drastically reduced the provision of free public toilets.  Why?  Because a few people
- Abuse the facilities
- Don't clean up
- Use them for immoral or illegal activities
- Cause vandalism e.g. graffiti

It's a very small minority but the local council has to constantly provide repairs and it can become a /game/ where the same individuals constantly deface the buildings just to annoy the Council.   This begins to be too costly, so the facilities are then shut down.  Thanks to the few selfish idiots we have nowhere to pee.

Contractor Abuse
As a computer contractor I know that I have a job of work bounded by the dates of a contract that I have signed. However when I worked for XXX it transpired that a contractor who had been hired [via an agency] via multiple separate contracts over an 8 years plus period was note renewed. So he decided to sue his end employer [not the agency] saying it was illegal. That his 8 year employment record qualified him to be permanent.  [Note; During this time his contracting salary was over 250%, i.e. > 2.5 times the salary of other equivalently qualified Permanent staff he worked with].

Because of this, my same end employer [not my agency] had to devise a strict set of rules denying contractors equal rights to
- the canteen
- any free drinks
- sports facilities
- any concessions due to employment by XXX
- no office supplies like paper or pencils or biros!
- no presence at shareholder or large corporate meetings

They forced me and all other contractors to feel excluded, all because of one lazy shit who was taking the piss and claiming he could not be sacked when his contract, that he had signed, ended, on time.

Supermarket Car Parks
Supermarkets used to provide free parking for their paying customers.  But today they often charge.  They have had to erect barriers,  with ticket dispensing machines, and matching ticket payment machines, or getting stamped at checkouts  (which you can forget).  This is inconvenient for most customers, delays entry and exit, and has the possibility to bang your vehicle against those ticket machines on harsh concrete curbs.  And why this change?

Because some tossers have started using the previously free car parks as a /free work car park/ if they work in a City Centre.  The Supermarket car parks then becomes full of illegal parkers leaving no room for real customers.

and finally ...

Anibis Scam

This week Marcus and Agata were targets of a money phishing scam when we tried to honestly sell a Samsung camera on the Swiss sales website.

We sell a lot of surplus items on Anibis. What is our motivation?
- We have some items that are surplus to our needs
- We would like them re-used not junked
- We sell them at fair or bargain prices
- All items work excellently and are always tested
- Considering the time spent advertising, responding to questions, meeting buyers, it is really not done for the money.

In this context being scammed for money, especially as we were the seller, was not in our game plan. As a result now we'll have to be constantly vigilant to any other Anibis buyer of our more expensive goods.  We'll subject them to questions to prove their good faith, to pay in advance.  In short we'll be pretty suspicious of them, whereas in the past our attitude was 
- We trust the buyer
- We offer to send goods in advance of payment
- We bust a gut to dispatch quickly

Of course the above restrictions will only apply to purchases over 2. And you know I'm using this Marcus scale here

So back to the original tagline:

Yes, the FEW always spoil it for the many