Tuesday, April 28, 2015

When selling small counts BIG


Do you remember the part in the Superman 3 film when Richard Pryor reprograms the computer to put all the half cents from other payroll accounts into his ... And becomes fabulously wealthy.

Well of course it's not that simple,  but I like to state the principle that in terms of IT  (Information Technology): Individual consumers today make a lot of small purchases and in total this simply dwarfs the amounts made by large Enterprises and Institutions.

IBM for some time has tried to think bigger and bigger.  In fact it has consistently over time sold off small systems. The Personal Computer business, its Printer Business and most recently its smaller Intel  (X series) computer business to Lenovo.

A word about Lenovo
I recently called Lenovo and was delighted to speak for over an hour to a knowledgeable ex-IBM, now Lenovo employee. In a nutshell all Intel X series and even IBM PureFlex (Intel) are now moved to Lenovo.  The fact that some Lenovo technical publications still appear on the IBM Redbooks site is an anomaly.

(zoom to see ibm.com URL)

For example this SAP HANA guide  .  But all such publications are in transition and soon it will all be hosted on lenovo.com

So now, back to the figures

2014 Q4 revenues
Lenovo 14.1 Billlion $
Microsoft 23.4 Billion $
IBM  24.1 Billion $
Apple  74.6 Billion $

In 2015 small is not only beautiful but bountiful

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