Sunday, April 19, 2015

The All Nighter with Passion

Faithless: Insomnia

This is a small message to perhaps the mature reader. Reading comfortably in the first world. In this short I will  simply argue that finding your passion is critically important especially as the years pass by.

Alternatively For Youngsters
If instead you are currently  a privileged youngster aiming for career advice, the classic Jobs address applies.

Steve Jobs Stanford Commencement Address

Back to the Passion:
A lot of concurrent twiddlings were in flux between Marcus's last Friday night and Monday morning.

Because, when you are passionate about what you are doing: Another all nighter - becomes just so easy. Insomnia indeed.

So as I am writing this I am more than tired, in fact exhausted, but quite happy.  And Lo,  it came to pass that there was:


Some hacking

Some stress testing

Some crafting & optimising

Some rescuing

Some Planning

I'm going to make the obvious point (to me) that as you pass into, then through and out of middle age

- You want to feel that your life is worthwhile
- You either have no kids, or they have turned out to be normal, and NOT losers, meaning they have at last become self sufficient
- You may be out of work, on a break,  or early retired, in which case you at last have something that has eluded you for decades:  time.
- You are not about to die because modern medicine and a good diet means that you still have lots of years ahead of you

Finding your Passion

You have to determine what your passion is going to be.  It could be Stamp collecting, Trail Running or Triathlon.  It could be Mountain Climbing or Snow Boarding.   Some of the parameters you might consider could include:

- Not sensible
You spent a life being sensible, now perhaps the time for something a little wacky

- For You
With a lifetime of caring for others [your boss, siblings, children, community] it is time to find something with a focus on you first.

- Tired Afterwards
Something that may involve physical effort if you have spent your life in front of a desk and computer screen.

- Sense of Achievement
Something that is not trivial or too easy.  You have to stretch, reach and struggle just a bit to make it happen

- A thing of Beauty
If you are creating something, then once you have learnt more than the basics, you want to create something (physical or intangible) that is a quality product. Not just average.

- Alcohol and Drugs not involved
Something that you can create when you have all of your senses present, correct and not impaired.

- Environmentally sound
Consider endeavours that are not wasteful or extravagant.

- Good with only one
Something that can be done on your own but maybe better done in the company of your partner or friends.

- Budget Friendly
Funds might be limited, so something that does not break the budget

So now it is up to you.    

Find your Passion.
Focus on enjoying and enriching your life in this world.

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