Saturday, April 11, 2015

Sunday Sermon: Please not GOD BLESS

A certain family member signs off almost every phone conversation to Marcus with the phrase

God Bless

Now although I have asked that this behaviour should stop, because I find it deeply insulting [to me] I noticed a recent article  promoting a wholly similar behaviour with regard to even written sign-offs.

Bloody Hell!

Here is their list (you can look at this link, for their explanations) 

It is all that I can do not to feel rather ill to read the explanations again ...

In His Grip
Be the Light
Saved to serve
Under Aslan's Paw
Under the Lamb
Covered in the Blood
Only by Grace
Watching God Work
Soli Deo Gloria
Jesus Loves You!

And now,  let us finish with another Sermon

Rowan Atkinson: Mysterious Ways