Saturday, April 04, 2015

Sunday Sermon: Heretic

I got into an internet "discussion" the other day when some jerk (IMHO) who told me that that if Ayaan Hirsi Ali wanted to show courage she would leave her home country of America and go back to Somalia.

So in other words, fleeing an arranged marriage, learning to live in a new European Country of the Netherlands, learning Dutch, obtaining a Degree at Leiden, being elected to the Dutch parliament, becoming a well known Writer and influential speaker, and now being subject to multiple and constant death threats having left her former religion of Islam: well all that was not enough for this cock sure, brave, Internet critic.

Today, this Sunday sermon would like to highlight the new publication called Heretic written by the American Ayaan Hirsi Ali and published by Harper Collins in March 2015.

The Wikipedia article for Ayaan is here

Why Should I bother?
I believe that you should have an informed opinion on Religion and in particular of all of the major Religions of this world. Why? Because they form the foundational framework on which literally billions of people turn to for guidance, support and instruction in their Personal, Social, Public and Business lives.

This publication Heretic by Ayaan Hirsi Ali advocates that Islam needs a reformation to enable it to coexist and be compatible with the 21st century and modernity:


A book that seeks to inspire not another war on terror or extremism but a real debate within and about the Muslim world. It is a book that attempts to explain what elements such a [Islamic] reformation might change ....

We cannot remain on the sidelines as though the outcome has nothing to do with us .. 

If the hope for a Muslim reformation dies the whole world will pay an enormous price. 

And with all the freedoms we take for granted Westerners may have the most to lose...

You who call yourself liberals must understand that it is your way of life that is under threat. .... 

Tolerate their  [Islamist] intolerance at your peril.


So what would I recommend?

But I need some more information fast
If you want to initially invest only 50 minutes of your time I would recommend the following 2 foundational videos

Ayaan part one

Ayaan part two

But to return to the title, let me fully recommend that you listen to her latest work

Heretic: Why Islam neets a reformation now

Simply goto to this link and buy the book, or go to your local library and ask them for a copy.  This will be an excellent 9 hours of your listening time and indeed food for thought.

Ayaan in Memphis April 2015
(Listen don't watch this shaky video!)