Saturday, April 18, 2015

Sunday Sermon: Changing your Religion

It hardly seems fair that you might have been born into /the wrong/ religion.  Perhaps you are destined to change from your current to the Church of the FSM and its associated  PASTA foundation which is designed to attract

People for the Advancement of Spaghetti Toleration and Appreciation

This religion is devoid of most of the worst excesses and intolerances of some of the largest faith based Religions that many people claim to freely belong to.

Which Religion is right for you?

What God can do in 5 seconds

Many religions make dramatic claims about what their Religion is capable of.    Of course, no matter what this, or any religion might have claimed to achieve in the past, by modern day standards of sexual and gender equality some of the established religions are definitely a little lacking.

When choosing your Religion perhaps the following criteria might be suitable for people of the 21st century:

- Free entry and exit [of this religion] without punishment or sanction

- Tolerant and loving God that will not send you to Hell for the smallest infraction, or your friends to Hell if they don't believe in your special God

- Tolerance in all things  (except Intolerance)

- Animals and Pets Allowed

- Dancing

- Music of any Kind,  Musical Instruments of any description

- Eating of any meat

- Alcohol

- Freedom to wear what clothing you (and not others) wish, and to use whatever materials you want, or any colour and in any combination with each other

- Driving (subject to passing a test)

- Cremation and burying of the dead next to any faith

- Freedom to Colour or Removal (cutting, plucking) or keeping of long body hair

- To pray to your own god in your own fashion and frequency

- Financial debt / loans

- Does not discriminate in favour of Men or against Women

- Does not discriminate against those of any particular sexual orientation. Should not be homophobic

- Does not advocate killing people who are not of your Religion, just because they are not in your Religion

- Does not advocate punitively taxing those of another religion

- Equal education for Men and Women

- Equality of rights to marriage between Woman/Man and his/her partner


- Does not allow Slavery

- Does not allow Child Marriage

- Does not sanction or promote Male or Female Genital mutilation

- Does not sanction Wife Beating or Rape

- Does not advocate punishment or death of those with a different sexual orientation

- Does not sanction killing of animals for food in inhumain ways causing suffering to animals


- Does not force you to believe really crazy stuff

- Understands and respects the Scientific method and it's many conclusions based on evidence.


- Promotes separation of Religion and State

- Promotes being an intellectual rather than a Luddite

- Encourages the celebration of life in this world and not in an afterlife or future life.

- Promotes freedom of speech and inquiry

- Does not sanction any penalty for pictures or scriptural references to any people, Gods or Holy beings contained in the Religion

- Allows the use of medicine and drugs to treat illness

Why Switch Now?

(Note: Some religions are so chicken they can't even appear in person on toast, it is quite tragic)

Internet Signs
Now, the choice of your next religion is I maintain a matter of your own conscience.   However, when I cast my digital eyes over the Internet I have been noticing a number of signs:

(Uranium emitting radiation inside a cloud chamber)

 Double Helix

 Hippocampal Neurons

 Appearance on Toast


BlueMan: I feel Love
(multiple visual clues.  check 069 seconds)

At the Olympics

The Higgs Boson: God Particle

Make your own mind up about the Religion that you follow and support.  Just don't be a dick, intolerant or a murderer.

REM: Losing my Religion