Saturday, April 25, 2015

Sunday Sermon: 50 Ways to Patronise your Lover / Husband / Wife

Miley Cyrus: 50 Ways to Leave your Lover

I'm normally pretty critical of Miley Cyrus. Her politically incorrect behaviour is a pretty bad example to /the youth/ of today.

But there are worse.

Substantially worse.  Some publications espouse a set of behaviours that by most modern 21st century thinking persons standards are outdated, sexist and reprehensible.

Oh, and it's inevitably backed by Religion

Exhibit 1: 

25 Ways to Communicate Respect to Your Husband

Exhibit 2:

25 Ways to Show Love to Your Wife

Now for a start there is just no concept here of same sex marriage?   If a Man marries a Man or a Woman marries a Woman as is legally possible in the UK   (and I don't just mean Civil Partnership, I mean marriage)  then exactly which tomb of greatness should couples follow here.

I suppose what I am politely saying is that in my opinion these two books re-enforce a totally outmoded stereotype which has run it's course.  In the 21st Century Same Sex marriages exist. Further a man or a woman can be /head/ of the household.   Today it's not the role of the "woman" to faun over her husband and support him regardless, and it's not the role of the husband to "forgive his well meaning wife when she transgresses his rules that found and make his family"

Now I am far too polite in these matters, so I will hand over the lesson to Patti Ford instead.  She can more tell it /how it really is/

Please read the article in full ( < 5 minutes)

25 Bullshit Ways to Communicate Respect to Your Husband