Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Search and Probe in 1972

Search TV series preview

I am delighted to be able to report that I have at least identified but not found [all episodes] of the 1970's TV series I have been trying so hard to remember.

Just a few years ago, well it seems that way, I recall watching a then fantastical TV series.  The heroes used a small camera that could be mounted on a ring finger or on a neck pendant.  It could:

- transmit audio and video anywhere in the world
- monitor heart rate of the owner and of those around
- monitor other vital signs like brain activity

Back at PROBE control a set of technicians could analyse vital signs and tap into bank accounts, flight schedules or pretty much any information source, all this pre-dating the commercial Internet or any Smartphone or even a portable mobile phone.

The series was literally decades ahead of it's time.

What a Choice for a Title
Imagine trying to Google the words 

probe  or

What a thankless task.  Besides pornography, the word search is also well, just unhelpful.

In the US the show was to be called Probe and the pilot was so named.  But after that was released it was noticed that it conflicted with an existing US series so the show was released in the US as /Search/  and in the UK as /Search Control/.  What a muddle!

The Wikipedia entry is here

Why am I interested?

Well at the time there was no World Wide Web and no Internet to surf publicly.  The concept of having a portable communications device connected to a large database  (human staffed Probe control in this case) is something every Internet connected Smartphone user takes for granted in 2015.

But then it was just visionary.  And so I wanted to relive this vision and see how this advantage made crime fighting in 1972 just so easy, when everybody else had nothing comparably.

Where are the videos today?

The series has been released on 6 DVD's at the Warner Brothers shop, shipping of course only to the USA.

Here is the link

So it could be that the next time I am in America for a decent length of time an order will be made.  Marcus is a patient man, I have waited over 30 years already.

Search / Probe title sequence
Search TV titles recreated
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