Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Remembering our Ken

Kenneth Williams  was not just a comedian but actually a brilliant wit.

On an extended walk on Tuesday night as I thought I needed some quiet time  I loaded up the BBC iPlayer Radio selected Radio 4 extra and began to browse.

Quite by chance I came across the /Ad Lib/ series as shown above.

Just listen to the sheer intellect and wit of the man.  In 2015, where is his modern day equivalent?

I was never the greatest fan of his role in Round the Horne  but when it was something a little more intellectual he really shined.  

Of course Hancock and Just a Minute would be examples. 

2 episodes (from 4) of Ad Lib are available so far ...

01 Ad Lib

02 Ad Lib

Listen and learn.

Notes to the New Listener:

Besides BBC Radio 4, the BBC also operates the BBC Radio 4 extra channel.  Both sources are freely available to listen to via the Internet, and in a recent change, you can travel back in time upto 28 days from the date of broadcast.  And catch up on that missed episode or simply listen again.

Here is another inspiring broadcast, from a palette of hundreds:   Letters to Myself