Saturday, April 18, 2015

Profanity, Swearing and the Slur

Jim Jeffries: Gun Control

I think I was on the loosing side of an argument   a discussion when I had commented that although I found Jim Jeffries funny he rather overdid it with the swearing.

I don't think other online participants were upto much of a discussion since multiple people replied with a series of short sentences just repeating multiple swear words.

Boy, that told me.

If you watch the above Jim Jeffries video (about Gun Control, and not the Jim Jeffries video I was commenting on) you will see that he swears  (cusses in American-ese) rather a lot.

To me, if I had to listen to a whole hour of Comedy Standup with this level of swearing I would be all sweared out

Back in the Day
When I was a lot younger I once spent time working on the then Hams Hall, Coal fired Power Station.  In order to understand the /men on the ground/ I spent some time in one of the very noisy operations rooms.   On one of the rotating 2 men shifts I got to know Lenny.  A conversation with Lenny  (not his real name) went like this.

Marcus: Hi Lenny.
Lenny: Hi Marcus, how are you f***in doing?
Marcus: Not bad Lenny
Lenny: Would you like a cup of f***in tea?
Marcus: Yes, please
Lenny: One of two f***in spoons of sugar, and do you want any f***in milk

Yes, Lenny used the f'word to punctuate nearly every sentence he could.

It became devalued and redundant.

Lenny taught me that swearing should be used for Emphasis, and on investigation I learnt the difference between Using and Mentioning the Swearing or the Slur.

How can you learn more?

Well you could worse  (and not f***in worse) than listen to

Philosophy Bites on Swearing

Philosophy Bites; Swearing
Rebecca Roache